Lion Card Sale

Bexley High School Parking Lot from 11-1 pm

On Sunday, August 13th, the Bexley Boosters will be conducting our annual Bexley Booster Lion’s Card Sale.  The fundraiser is critical to our ability to support all of the varsity and middle school athletic teams.  Historically, the greater the participation of the coaches, the greater the profits this fundraiser has generated.  We raise over $12,000 to support Bexley athletics and frankly, we could not do this without your support.

 What to expect:

  • Each team will be asked to participate by canvassing the Bexley community from 11-1 pm on Sunday, August 13th.  All teams will be assigned an area of Bexley in order to obtain optimum coverage of the community.
  • Athletes are asked to report to the HS parking lot at 11:00, to check in and receive their cards.
  • Each athlete will be given 5- 10 Lions cards to sell during the event.
  • At the end of the shift or once they sell 10 cards, the athletes will be required to turn the money in back at the HS.
  • Have your athletes wear Bexley team or spiritwear while selling the cards.